April 2, 2011


We've clicked over into another month, and it is time for another monthly New Year's resolution. Last month's goal was to write for an hour each day. It actually went reasonably well until the last week. Several days I was able to get in a few hours and make real progress on the book edit, but the last five days or so was pretty much a bust.

The goal for April is to avoid fast food. I have been eating on the run far too much lately, and my wallet is shrinking while my waist expands. When I have given up fast food for Lent in the past, I have exempted sub shops since they are not nearly as unhealthy as their deep-fried brethren. I will keep this option open if necessary, but I am hoping to cut way back on the money I spend eating out. I don't often spend money on a fine meal, but those too frequent $7 meals add up.

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