July 21, 2013

A lazy Sunday morning

It feels like it has been a long time since I slept in. For more than three years, there was a sweet puppy that both wanted breakfast, and needed her medicine on schedule. The only time when I might have skipped the 7:00am feeding/shooting schedule was when I was on vacation, but vacations never seem to mean extra sleep. Too much to do, too many people to see to waste time on sleep. I’ll catch up at some point.

Things have been pretty busy lately. Every weekend in June meant a day-long bike ride, plus all the normal things that were pushed off during the week. I moved into my own place during the first week of July, so this meant boxing, prepping and digging through ten years of boxes held in storage for the last three years. I did my best to get the bulk of it done during the week, so that the official moving day would just be the big items that required an extra set of hands. Moving day only took a few hours, but moving has been stretched over a couple of weeks. There is still more to move, and stacks of yet to be unpacked boxes cover a couple of walls.

A week ago Saturday was the STP, a story in itself, and then it was off to Crescent Bar for most of a week with the family. Of course my body was pretty beat up after the ride, and just like every other vacation, sleep was hard to come by, even though it is mostly a week of sitting on the beach chatting with family. I have still yet to master the art of naps, or even getting to bed early.

I arrived home at a decent hour yesterday, and decided to visit the local thrift stores to fill in a couple of the household blanks. My DVD player developed an illness during the three year quarantine, and I guess the toaster ran off with the spoon. I also picked up a used radio for the kitchen, and splurged on a new Belgian waffle maker.

After a week surrounded by thirty family members, this morning is pretty quiet. I still don’t have internet or tv set up here, and cell service is pretty spotty, so it feels that much more isolated. I am sitting at the sofa table that is serving as my desk and dining room table. I have the Sunday Brunch program playing on the kitchen radio, some fluffy bacon waffles, strong coffee, and a book I didn’t read much while on vacation. There are several things on the agenda for today, including a short spin on the bike to prepare for Thursday’s madness, but this morning is a moment I just feel like sinking into.

The one thing missing was a full night’s sleep. My phone beeped at 7:00am, signaling a dying battery after an evening of searching for a signal in vain. We are both feeling a bit run down, but today is a day to recharge.

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